Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 3 - Shutter Speeds: Shooting Fast vs. Shooting Slow

As part of being more intentional with this blog, with my life, with my passions, I want to work towards this:

I will be chronicling my journey on my blog and I'm looking forward to the end result!

Day 2 - Find your camera manual - so far so good. I'm frantically highlighting information and making notes.... I will definitely keep it open as I continue working through the next sets of tutorials.

Now on to Day 3 - Shutter Speeds: Shooting Fast vs. Shooting Slow. I had some fun with this one - I started with photographing dripping water and then I tried photographing my husband "juggling" his soccer ball.  Fun fun!  I've always been intrigued by water photos - the ones that make waterfalls look like one single blurred motion and then water droplets. So delicate. So beautiful. It was fun indeed. I took it a step further and explained this to my husband...

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